Evgeny P. Ilyin’s views on communication and their importance for the educational process


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communication, professional pedagogical communication, varieties, students, teachers


Communication is a complex, holistic, and multifaceted process that is unique to humans alone. It is based on establishing mental contact between real and directly interacting individuals to express their inner world (ideas, feelings, thoughts, needs, intentions, values, etc.), coordinate their actions, express their relations, demonstrate their individual uniqueness and constantly improve themselves. The review of topic-related specialized literature shows that communication is central to the mutual activity of people, establishment of certain relations between them and for the existence of large human communities. It is a necessary condition for the normal development of every human individual as a member of society. Through communication, the individual interacts with the social environment, absorbs social experience and is embedded in society. Without it, we would not be able to adopt moral, cognitive, practical and aesthetic experience from previous generations. In communication, human values are built and developed and their essential personal characteristics are revealed.

This article aims to present the views of Evgeniy P. Ilyin on the psychological components of communication on the basis of his fundamental works “Psychology of Communication and Interpersonal Relations” (2014) and “Psychology of Informal Communication” (2015). Ilyin defines it as a specific type of interconnection based on the psychic contacts between real subjects thus creating a domain of mutual influence, experience and understanding. The article aims to reveal some of the psychological aspects of professional pedagogical communication. It provides the definition of this concept and explains its significance for the pedagogical and educational process. The article discusses the varieties and indicators that determine these two processes. It explores the characteristics of effective vocational pedagogical communication, its mechanisms of influence as well as its goals.

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